Monday, 13 February 2017

What We Learned Today...February 13th

ELA: Once we got from our assembly, we spent the period reviewing how to write effective paragraphs.  After marking the students essays on Harry Potter, it became evident that we need to spend a little time reviewing topic sentences and transitions.

Career Ed: We took some time to review the 3 F's of resume writing (Function, Form and eFfectiveness) from last class before learning about three different types of resumes. The three types of resumes we focused on were Functional, Chronological and Hybrid.

Religion: After lunch we spent the period finishing up the Seven Sacraments presentation from last week.

Math: Students were given the entire period to finish up their 7.4 handouts and begin the Unit Review from Pg. 276 of their textbooks.

Upcoming Due Dates & Homework

-Youtube Hero Assignments are overdue

-7.4 is due on Friday
-Unit 7 Exam is on Friday

-Seven Sacraments Quiz is on Thursday

-Spend a Day at LeBoldus is on Thursday, February 16th.
-LeBoldus forms are due on Friday, February 17th.

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