Monday, 9 May 2016

What We Learned Today...May 9th

ELA: Once we got back from the assembly the students were given a brief AR period before we participated in a fun activity that we lead into our mini creative writing unit.

Career Ed: Students handed in their business plans and spent the period working on their business pitch.  These pitches will be delivered to a panel of "Dragons" next week.

Religion: After lunch the students did a fantastic job presenting on their assigned world religion.  So far we have learned about Jainism and Sikhism with Taoism up tomorrow.

Math: Students were given the entire period to work on their 10.4 assignments and begin working on the unit review from their textbook.

Upcoming Due Dates & Homework


-10.4 is due on Wednesday

Career Ed:

-Dragons Den pitch is on May 17th


-World Religion Assignment is due on May 9th

Genius Hour:

-Projects are due on May 31st


-Email Mr. B your Farewell Star Picture.

-Track Mini Meet is on May 11th (Only select students attend)

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