Wednesday, 11 May 2016

What We Learned Today...May 11th

ELA: This morning we started out our day with a research period for the year end writing assessments. We will be continuing these assessments for the next three class periods.

Career Ed: Students were given the entire period to practice their Dragons Den pitches.  Over the period I had a chance to watch a few and I'm really impressed with how creative and unique each groups pitch is!

Religion: After lunch we learned about Taoism and Hinduism during our world religion presentations.

Math: We officially kicked off Unit 11 this afternoon and learned how to calculate probability as well as how to utilize a tree diagram and a table when solving probability questions.

Upcoming Due Dates & Homework


-10.4 is due on Wednesday

Career Ed:

-Dragons Den pitch is on May 17th


-World Religion Assignment is due on May 9th

Genius Hour:

-Projects are due on May 31st


-Email Mr. B your Farewell Star Picture.

-PAA day at Miller is on May 19th

-Grade 7/8 Retreat is on May 31st

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