Friday, 29 September 2017

What We Learned Today...September 29th

A snap of the video we watched today!

ELA: We started out the day with a brief silent reading period before finishing up the creation story we began on Monday.

Health: We picked up where we left off yesterday and discussed the consequences of positive and negative body image.  We also took some time to view the TED Talk, "Why Thinking You're Ugly is Bad for You" by Meaghan Ramsey, which covered this topic perfectly.

Math: After doing such an amazing job at Cross Country yesterday, students were exhausted after school and pleaded for me to move the Math test.  After some serious thinking, I gave in and bumped the Math Exam to Monday.  Instead of the test, students were given the entire period to work on their Mathletics assignments to help practice for Monday.

Genius Hour: Students continued pitching their topics/essential questions to me, before they could begin working on their projects.  Most students now have the green light to begin their projects and only a few students will need the weekend to tweak their questions.

Upcoming Due Dates & Homework


-Unit 2 Exam has been postponed until Monday, October 2nd.

-Watch the 3.1 video for Tuesday, October 3rd

-Greek Mythology Sequence Assignment is overdue

-Bubble Investigation Part 1 & 2 are overdue

-Photoshopping Questions are due on Tuesday, October 3rd


-Grade 7/8 Retreat at Lebret has been rescheduled for October 11th!!

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