Tuesday, 14 March 2017

What We Learned Today...March 14th

ELA: This morning the students finished up the brainstorming stage for the Hercules persuasive essays, and officially began working on their rough drafts.

Digital Portfolios: Students were given the period before and after lunch to work on their Digital Portfolios.

Science: During the last hour of the day we learned about specialized cells as well as four of the different types of tissues in our bodies.

*There is a special parent meeting on March 28th at 6:30 in the Deshaye Staff Room.  This meeting is for parents to discuss and plan an after-farewell party for the Grade 8 students. Please be sure to mark this date down in your calendars. 

Upcoming Due Dates & Homework

-Unknown Cell Lab is due tomorrow

-6.4 Handout is due on Wednesday

Genius Hour:
-Essential Questions are overdue

-Ski Forms are due tomorrow.
-Photo Recreations are due on April 13th
-Remember to bring $2 for Chalice 

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