Friday, 2 December 2016

What We Learned Today...December 2nd

Intense Quidditch Match

ELA:  Students were given the entire period to work on their Chapter 13 and 14 guiding questions.  No more class time will be allotted for this assignment so students will need to finish them on their own time if they are not done.

Quidditch: Since Mr. Sentes graciously donated his Phys. Ed time to me, we used this period to play our first game of Quidditch! We had a blast and will be continuing this tournament after Christmas.

Health: We continued learning about Eating Disorders by watching the short Ted Talk: Eating Disorders from the Inside Out.  As they watched the video, the students were tasked with completing a short listening activity that corresponded to the content from the Ted Talk.

Math: The students were given the hour to finish up their textbook assignments and work on the 4.3 handout.

Upcoming Due Dates & Homework
-Chapter 13 + 14 questions are due on Tuesday.

Genius Hour:
-Projects are due on December 12th

-Eating Disorders from the Inside Out questions are due on Wednesday

-4.3 assignments are due on Tuesday

-Pg. 142 is due on Monday
a) 5, 7, 8, 10, 12
b) 5, 8-13
c) 5, 8-16


-Volleyball wind up is on Tuesday, December 6th from 3:30 - 5:00 (Supper will be provided)

-Christmas Cafe for Senior Students is on Wednesday, December 7th

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