Monday, 3 October 2016

What We Learned Today...October 3rd

Practicing their Genius Hour dance

ELA: Once we got settled after the morning assembly, we spent the period going over the new writing assignments that the students will be working on throughout the rest of the unit. For these assignments, students will be tasked with writing responses to questions or prompts in the form of a blog/vlog post.  We will be using the Kidblog website as the main source for our blogging this year.  . If you would like to check it out our future posts feel free to visit:

Genius Hour: Students were given the entire period to research their Genius Hour topic and were reminded that they will be writing their first progress update next week.

Math: Today we spent the first half of class going through the Unit Two Exam from last week before moving on to the 3.1 textbook assignment.  Unfortunately, some students exam results weren't what they were hoping for due to some simple mistakes.  As a result, I am willing to give a retest to any students wishing to do so.  Once the retests are marked, I will average both exams to create the final test score.

Upcoming Due Dates & Homework


-Unit Two Retest is on Tuesday, October 11th


-Harry Potter Chapter Questions are overdue.

Genius Hour:

-Progress Updates will be next week, make sure you have been keeping up with your research.


-There is no school this Thursday and Friday due to teacher institute and TPD.

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