Tuesday, 6 September 2016

What We Learned Today...September 6th

Assembly: This morning we started out our week with a special liturgy in the gym to honour Mother Teresa, who was canonized as a saint on Sunday.

ELA: Once we got back to the class we officially began our Harry Potter thematic unit by talking about the structure of the unit as well as exploring the various parts of the Plot Diagram.  Tomorrow we will kick off our class by reading the first and second chapters of the novel.

Health: Before we get into the nitty gritty details of Health this year, I'll be spending a few classes teaching some essential  skills during this time that I believe will benefit the students for the rest of the year (and in High School too!).  Today we focused on how to study effectively, and students learned nine tips to keep in mind when they are studying for their next exam.  Feel free to check out the presentation below that highlights today's lesson:

Religion: After lunch we kicked off our first unit of the year which is "Who am I".  For our introductory lesson, students learned about the Multiple Intelligences and were given a short assignment to work on to figure out which type of "Smart" they are.

Math: The students were introduced to a relatively new approach to teaching that we will be participating in this year. This new approach is called a "Flipped Classroom" and it involves teaching in a way that sees the students learn new content online through the use of educational videos prepared by their teacher. This approach allows for more personalized interactions with the students during class time instead of lecturing. More information about this can be found on our Flipped Math Blog. (If the link isn't working see the link to it at the top of this blog under "Quick Links")

Upcoming Due Dates & Homework

Tell Me About Yourself assignment is overdue

Be sure to watch the 2.1 video tonight

-Please return signed student packages by Friday, September 9th

-Girls Football Practice is tomorrow and Thursday at 8:00 am. Please bring your signed permission form.

-Bring your gym shoes and Phys, Ed clothes for tomorrow.

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