Thursday, 2 June 2016

What We Learned Today...June 2nd

Genius Hour: This morning we started out the day with our final Genius Hour work period. These projects are officially due on Monday when we begin the presentations.

Fully Alive: After lunch we continued our lesson on Growth and Change from last class.

Math: With the Math Diagnostic coming up next week, we spent our class today reviewing the key concepts from each unit this year.

Science: During the last hour of the day we reviewed the different types of forces we learned about last class before working on a buoyancy experiment involving plasticine boats.

Upcoming Due Dates & Homework

Genius Hour:

-Projects are due on May 31st  Now due on Monday, June 6th


-All Math assignments are overdue


-Pop and Chip fundraiser is tomorrow. $2 for a Pop and $2 for a bag of Chips.  If students would like to donate more that $2 they are welcome to do so.

-Canoeing on Friday afternoon for Phys. Ed

-Grade 7/8 Retreat is TBA

-City Track and Field Meet is on June 7th and 8th

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